Visiting the PEZ Visitor Center on our way to Mystic, CT!

The second week of August we were finally done packing up our house for the big move to Georgia. And our camping vacation through the North East was ready to start!

Kevin’s mom, the “Rolling Turd Seven Oma”, had flown in to leave with us and we were to meet friends of ours to hit the road together. Our first stop was in Vermont to visit a friend of mine for a day. After that, we were off to our first “vacation” stop. The town of Mystic, CT. But first, we spontaneously stopped in Orange, CT at the PEZ Visitor Center and factory.

The aftermath of PEZ tasting and a sugar high for everyone

When looking how far out of our way it was to stop there on our way to Mystic we decided it was well worth it. Before that day, we didn’t even know that such a place existed! Have you ever heard of it before? So, our group decided to stop. Thankfully, the Tractor Supply Co. down the street let us park our big rigs in their lot during the time of our visit, as the visitor center parking lot was crammed full of vehicles. There were signs of bus and RV parking but we did not see such an area when there. It’s something to be aware of if you do decide to visit.

Jennie heard where we were going and got super excited as PEZ are her favorite candies. And really, who DIDN’T love them as a child?! So, while the rest of the group went to park the vehicles, Oma Dale, Jennie and I hopped out and went into the visitor center to get everyone’s tickets.

We were pleasantly surprised when we walked through the doors as we didn’t really know what to expect. It was much bigger than we had thought (over 4,000 square feet!!) and packed full of fun!

You can find information about admission prices HERE.

As we entered through the big glass doors after getting our tickets, we were greeted by a giant PEZ dispenser that kids can operate by the push of a button, there were hundreds of PEZ dispensers on display from all the years they’ve been made, you could buy the candies and dispensers in all kinds of different sorts and varieties, play games and learn about the history of the company and all things PEZ. What we thought would be a quick 30 minute break from a longer travel day turned into a 2 hour long visit that was worth every second. If you’re up for it, you can take a tour of the PEZ factory connected to the visitor center. Or you can just watch how the candies and dispensers are packed through a big glass window wall.

What a fun way to spend an hour, two hours or entire afternoon! You certainly won’t be bored at this place and everyone in our group left with a big smile, a small tin bucket full of PEZ candies as well as some dispensers. Hey, “when in Rome”…

We definitely recommend a visit as it has something to offer for any age group, is inexpensive and a quick drive from the highway. Additional information about the visitor center, such as location and hours of operation, can be found HERE.

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