Camping at the Allegany Mountain Resort at Rainbow Lake

In our first year of owning “The Turd” we didn’t get to do much family camping. But our very first trip was to a close destination that was quite memorable. It was early fall, the beginning of October 2016, and we got lucky as the leaves had started to turn already and that made for beautiful views and pictures.

Friends of ours are members of the resort and we stayed there with them. The park itself was very nice and clean, everyone was very friendly. We parked our rig next to our friends and started to set up for our very first weekend camping. Jennie was just 6 months old so I was a little nervous about how she would do. But she seemed to absolutely love it.

Thankfully the weather was cooperating and we all got to spend most of our time outside. Jennie enjoyed her first ever campfire with us, too. We walked around the resort with our friends and our dogs, taking in the views of the lake and colorful woods in the background. It was a camper’s (and photographer’s) dream! The change of leaves up here in New York is beautiful.

Lilith thinking about taking a dip…
Thankfully she decided against it!

The clouds moved out of the way and the sun came out and warmed us up nicely on our long walk, making the scenery even more enjoyable than it already was. I think the pups really loved that place, maybe even more than we did!

Our friends Joan and Art offered to watch Miss Jennie so Kevin and I could enjoy some time to ourselves. So we took a walk down to the lake from our campsite and rented some kayaks. It was my first time on a kayak and I really enjoyed it. Even though the lake is quite small, it was nice to explore it like that and get closer to some wildlife than we could have on foot. IT was very peaceful on the water and just what we needed.

If you’re looking for an “all inclusive” camping type of place this would sure be it. It was a nice way for us to get our feet wet and see if we liked camping. We fell instantly in love with it and since then have visited countless of places.

I’d recommend visiting the Allegany Mountains to any outdoor lover, especially when the leaves are turning!

Thank you for reading! Hopefully my little review will make you want to explore something new today.

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